In 2008 I had a discussion with a number of MDaemon fans and we noticed that while certain other large mail servers have active communities on the internet, MDaemon did not have any unofficial community resources.

Out of a wish to share some of the techniques to make MDaemon perform tasks that weren’t originally intended, and as a home to replace the now-defunct MDaemon-Tools and MDaemon-Plugin sites that came before, Everything-MDaemon was born. Since that time it has grown to be a place to organize my knowledge about MDaemon and related products, and make that information available to the community.

I hope that at some point there will be multiple active contributors posting anything from tips to technical articles covering software operation to scripts, external plug-ins or other tools that make administrator’s lives easier.

Interested in helping out? I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this site, topics you’d like me to cover, or any other suggestions you may have. Either comment here, or use the [[feedback]] link in the menu bar.

If you’d like to become a contributor, I’d love to hear from you too, get in touch.

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