LDaemon Optimizer v1.0.0

LDaemon Optimizer v1.0.0

5/15/2003 David L. Koontz

MDaemon’s LDaemon is a porting of the OpenLDAP project. However, there are several inherent problems with LDaemon’s Implementation that effect speed, performance, stability and maintenance of the LDAP database for Mid to large size installations.

1) Using LDaemon as the Server Account Storage is unstable.
2) MDaemon Schema Extension do not scale well with many users
3) LDaemon has no method of removing LDAP Entries

LDaemon Optimizer is the answer! If you want to offer your users LDAP address book lookups from their email clients like Outlook, Netscape, ThunderBird, etc. this tool will help you to provide a
FAST LDAP lookup service, and will keep your LDAP database fresh by removing old MDaemon accounts and adding new ones.

Note: This script currently only works with the text file database setup (Userlist.dat). If there is significant need, a future version may include ODBC setups, or perhaps alias entries.