How harmful is spam?

I often hear comments like “it’s no big deal”, and “just hit delete” while obsessing over tracking down and blocking spammers.

I stumbled across an interesting perspective that I wanted to share:

I think it’s worth noting that the largest cost of spam (and other forms of Internet-borne abuse) is not financial.

It’s time — irreplaceable, precious time. Do the math: construct an estimate for how many seconds it takes someone to realize that a message is spam and Just Hit Delete (TM); now multiply by all the someones doing that for the same spam message; now multiply by all the spam messages send in a day or a week or a year.

Then divide by the average human lifespan. The results are disturbing.

Luckily, MDaemon includes many tools that help you combat spam. Life’s too short to waste on deleting garbage that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Mail stuck in Inbound queue on MDaemon 14.0.1?

Are you seeing mail getting stuck in the Inbound Queue since upgrading to MDaemon 14.0.1?

There’s a few options:

  • Upgrade 14.0.2. This leaves your email stuck in the queue in the mean time, but I’m assured it will not be longNow available for download.
  • Downgrade to MDaemon 14.0.0. However, this leaves you exposed to the recently patched security vulnerability so I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Under Setup | Preferences | Miscellaneous, uncheck the option for “Apply Content & Spam Filters to list mail before cracking individual copies”. This is functional, however, it will break archiving, and any per-recipient content filtering rules you have, so be sure to revert this option after Alt-N releases a patch.
  • Disable mailing lists. Since this only causes issues when you have active mailing lists, if you can temporarily disable your mailing lists, it will allow mail to flow until this is resolved.

If you do use the workaround, delete any remaining lock (.LCK) files from the \MDaemon\Queues\Inbound directory to get messages flowing again.

UPDATE: Literally the first email I received after clicking on “Post” was that MDaemon 14.0.2 has been released and is available for download now!

More of Everything, a personal update

In July 2011, RIM announced a reorganization and unfortunately I am no longer with Alt-N Technologies Ltd at this time. I intend to continue using and working with Alt-N Technologies’ products and hope to maintain the positive personal and business relationships I’ve developed with the people I worked with during my eight years with Alt-N Technologies.

I would appreciate any suggestions for topics to cover in future blog posts, and would also welcome contributors to the site, and/or job offers. I am currently available for contracts or full-time employment, both relating to small-business email and other areas within the IT field. Get in touch using the [[feedback]] page or see my LinkedIn Profile for more information.

From the beginning Everything MDaemon was built on my own personal time, and is not affiliated with Alt-N Technologies Ltd. As a result, Everything-MDaemon’s hiatus has ended, and I’ll be writing content shortly.