Mail stuck in Inbound queue on MDaemon 14.0.1?

Are you seeing mail getting stuck in the Inbound Queue since upgrading to MDaemon 14.0.1?

There’s a few options:

  • Upgrade 14.0.2. This leaves your email stuck in the queue in the mean time, but I’m assured it will not be longNow available for download.
  • Downgrade to MDaemon 14.0.0. However, this leaves you exposed to the recently patched security vulnerability so I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Under Setup | Preferences | Miscellaneous, uncheck the option for “Apply Content & Spam Filters to list mail before cracking individual copies”. This is functional, however, it will break archiving, and any per-recipient content filtering rules you have, so be sure to revert this option after Alt-N releases a patch.
  • Disable mailing lists. Since this only causes issues when you have active mailing lists, if you can temporarily disable your mailing lists, it will allow mail to flow until this is resolved.

If you do use the workaround, delete any remaining lock (.LCK) files from the \MDaemon\Queues\Inbound directory to get messages flowing again.

UPDATE: Literally the first email I received after clicking on “Post” was that MDaemon 14.0.2 has been released and is available for download now!

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