Changing and overriding WorldClient user preferences

Lets say you wanted to force a specific setting for all WorldClient users.  For example, say you want to show all folders to all users, regardless of whether or not they are subscribed.  This is possible, if you’re willing to edit some configuration files.

Although it’s possible modify nearly any WorldClient setting this way, I’ll use this one as an example.

This particular setting is called “HideUnsubscribedFolders” and it potentially lives in \MDaemon\WorldClient\domains.ini in several places (potentially), and in each user’s $MAILBOX$\WC\user.ini

The domains.ini file is fairly complex in terms of INI files, but it’s fairly straightforward once you understand it’s format.

To set the default for all users who have not changed it themselves, look for the [default:UserDefaults] section and set the appropriate option (in this case HideUnsubscribedFolders=No)

The fun part is this: To force a setting to apply to all users and override their own settings, use “UserOverrides” instead of “UserDefaults” — In other words, look for or create the section [default:UserOverrides] and add the “HideUnsubscribedFolders=No” command.

To make a change apply to just one domain, use the domain name instead of “default”, for example, use [] or []

For your own information, user options are stored in the “user.ini” file located in the “WC” subfolder of a user’s mailbox — Any option in the [User] section can be applied as a default or an override as desired.


When a new message is added to a folder, it is marked UNSEEN (IMAP only), NEW (WorldClient only) and UNREAD (IMAP and WorldClient).

This is normally desired as it makes it easy to pick out new messages, but when you are using BCC-to-sent-folder, or sharing out a bayesian learning folder, for example, this may not be desired.

If you just want mail to appear as “Read” rather then the default IMAP flags, edit the HIWATER.MRK file within the message folder directory and set the following key:


WorldClient and aliases

Did you know WorldClient has support for aliases?

Go create an alias (without wildcards), then hit the compose button in WorldClient and note that the FROM field is now a dropdown — You can choose to send mail using any alias which points to your mailbox.

Even better, when you reply to a message, WorldClient will automatically choose the alias to which the original message was addressed.

There is also a hidden INI switch that can influence this behavior,

WORLDCLIENT.INI, [Special] section.
UseFirstAlias=No (or Yes)

If this is set to yes, WorldClient will always use the first alias which applies to a mailbox (not counting wildcard aliases) rather then guessing at which alias is most appropriate.