MDaemon-AD User Management for Dynamic NT Auth

Meet MDaemon-AD User Management for Dynamic NT Auth

This is version 1.1 which includes a couple bug fixes.

This script creates users and OUs in Windows AD for the purpose of using Dynamic NT option in MDaemon. Run the script with no parameters to get the syntax and functions. MDaemon must be running as an account with object creation privileges.

This script is to be used in conjunction with WebAdmin. WebAdmin now allows script execution after account events. To enable this, read the release notes and edit your webadmin.ini file. The entry is located in the [Special] section and might look something like:

ModifyUserProcess=”Cscript.exe D:\MDaemon\scripts\user_management.vbs”

There are constants and comments in this script that must be edited prior to use. Please read through it!

Bulk DNS record creation

This script is useful for anyone who has to bulk add SPF records to many zone files hosted on Microsoft’s DNS server.

The script checks for a specific MX record so only domains which have mail hosted with the specified MDaemon server will be modified. This script is written in VBS, and can easily be modified to add other records such as Domainkeys or DKIM.

Semaphore file generator

jrlopezp has created two tools to assist with the creation of semaphore files, a system tray tool and a command line tool.

The system tray version now supports command lines options, so this is likely the best solution.

Release Notes:
[July/02/2005 –]
the program now accepts command switches for the creation of the semaphore files so now you can create schedule batch files and take advantage of thie new feature.

example: “c:\mdsemgen /a” (assuming MDsemgen.exe is located in C:\) will create an ALIAS.SEM in the APP folder.

For a list of available switches you can type “mdsemgen /?” or “mdsemgen /help”

UPDATE (2008/06/03): Version 2.0 has been released, see the update.