MD-MRTG Version 1.10

MD-MRTG Version 1.10
Copyright 2006 by Dave Koontz

Here is the newest version of MD-MRTG designed to work with the new Counter Systems in MDaemon v9.0 and higher. It is important to note that this version will not work with previous versions of MDaemon.

1.10 February 1st, 2006
– *** This version will NOT work on versions of MDaemon prior to 9.0 ***
– MDaemon 9.0 & Higher Support (Beta 9.00i and up)
– Code changed to reflect new MDaemon GUICounts.dat file (stat location)
– MultiPop messages are now relfected in SMTP-IN counts
– Junk Percentage Stats no longer include emails in Bad Message Que
– Junk Percentage stats more accurate (thanks
– VB Script Code Reformatted and conventions more consistent between scripts

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