Autoresponders and aliases

The problem: You have a user with multiple aliases, such as a [email protected] username and a general [email protected] alias. You want to set an autoresponder for the main mailbox, but you don’t want to send an autoresponder message to messages directed to the sales alias.

MDaemon actually can do this although it’s not immediately obvious how.

The autoresponder list has a “whitelist”, to find it, open MDaemon –> Accounts –> Account Settings –> Autoresponders –> White List. This list is primarily a list of senders and recipients who should not receive an autoresponder.

Unfortunately this list compares addresses after alias processing has finished, so you can’t just enter an alias to the list. However, you can also match user-defined headers here, and if the header containing the string mentioned is found in the current message, the message won’t receive an autoresponder.

So in this example, you could place “X-MDRcpt-To: [email protected]” in the whitelist. Note that this header exists for all messages, not just messages where aliases are used, it simply contains the address the sender used.

For those that are curious, the \MDaemon\App\autorespexcept.dat file contains the list, for your manual editing pleasure.

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Autoresponders and aliases by Dave Warren ( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

4 Replies to “Autoresponders and aliases”

  1. hi, greetings, great blog.
    in my server various users have enabled and configured an autoresponder msg and i wish block this opcion for all user. Hoy i can block this opcion for all my user and therefore can not send an autoreply…

  2. You can adjust autoresponder permissions in the “web” tab or similar of your user editor, or across all users at once as a template.

  3. thanks, edit the template and apply the settings to all users and search the users with an autoresponder and disable it…

    another question, i will try to create a content filter rule to block any mail without an subject but don´t work to me, i write this:
    If the SUBJECT HEADER Contains ‘[Sin Asunto]’ or ‘Sin Asunto’

    (yes, is in spanish), don´t see that detect anythink

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