Image-only adult themed spam

Lately there is a new batch of spam going out that tends to use adult themed subjects, but has no content in the body aside from a single image.

It has been reported that this SpamAssassin rule helps:

header __CTYPE_MULTIPART_MXD Content-Type =~ /multipart\/mixed/i
mimeheader __ANY_TEXT_ATTACH Content-Type =~ /text\/\w+/i
score MIME_IMAGE_ONLY 2.00
describe MIME_IMAGE_ONLY Image body part but no text body parts

To use it, copy these five lines into the bottom of your \MDaemon\SpamAssassin\rules\ file, then either restart MDaemon or create a mdspamd.sem file in the \MDaemon\App\ directory.

You may want to tweak the “Score”, but start with 2.0 as this rule hasn’t been aggressively tested so there is a higher risk of false positives then with the default SpamAssassin rules.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that Outbreak Protection (part of SecurityPlus 4 and higher) is flagging these messages as spam.

UPDATE 2009/05/19: The above rule only works in MDaemon 10 and higher, for earlier versions, you’ll need one more line:

mimeheader __ANY_IMAGE_ATTACH Content-Type =~ /image\/(?:gif|jpeg|png)/
(Thanks goes to “Greg Vancardo” for tracking this one down)

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Image-only adult themed spam by Dave Warren ( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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  1. in the Image-only adult themed spam rule, where is __ANY_IMAGE_ATTACH coming from?

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