Promoting a secondary domain to primary

It is possible to modify your primary domain in MDaemon, but when you do so, MDaemon will rename all users, aliases, lists and other goodies as well.  Sometimes this isn’t desired, one such case is to make an existing secondary domain into a primary domain.

Shut down MDaemon, backup the entire MDaemonApp directory, then open the MDaemon.ini file and find the following key:


Change the DomainName key to be your ‘new’ primary domain, then restart MDaemon and you should be good to go.

Make sure that your IP bindings, and account pruning are set the way you want as these settings follow the domain, and so the secondary domain’s settings will become the system-wide defaults when it’s converted to a primary domain.

One other thing you might need to update, the [email protected] system account *should* change automatically, but if anything goes wrong, do not try to change this account manually, instead just remove it from userlist.dat yourself, MDaemon will recreate it when MDaemon next starts. If you corrupt this account, any number of things will break.

Also, you need to manually update aliases pointing to the [email protected] account.

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5 Replies to “Promoting a secondary domain to primary”

  1. Hi Dear,
    Am using MDaemon 7.2.0 for internal mail server.
    Am a IT Technician, i would like to rename my internal domain name from ****.com to ****.lan, in this case i can not find good way to fix it yet, am appreciate if any idea will provide for my concept or manual steps to do this.

    Thank & Best regards
    Sun Brillant

  2. Sun,

    Why do you want to rename your MDaemon domain? Do you realize that once this is done, you likely won’t be able to receive mail?

  3. this is from my boss idea, i know this problem will happen if i do it wrong, i use to try set my secondary domain and apply account with secondary domain but still not success, like from previous is
    [email protected]****.com then apply to [email protected]****.lan but when i set account in Ms Outlook it require username and password.
    if you have any user guide to do this i may appreciate,

    Thank Dave

  4. Hi

    How can I change the secondary domain with the primary domain? I have to establish a new domain, but still must receive mail for the “old” one.
    I have to set my “new” domain as primary because I have to use the distributed domain feature.

    Thanks for any help. Claudio.

  5. Claudio, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here — I think you just need to follow the instructions in the article, this article describes exactly what you’re wanting to do.

    Nothing will happen to the old primary domain, it becomes a secondary domain automatically.

    Let me know if I’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to do?

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