Exporting Worldclient contacts the easy way

How can I export contacts from my WorldClient address book?

There are two supported methods, and one unsupported method I’ll cover later.

  • ComAgent

ComAgent can synchronize a WorldClient address book with Outlook or Outlook Express.

To use ComAgent, have the user login to WorldClient, go to Preferences, then download and install ComAgent. Once installed, right click on ComAgent, go to Properties, then to Address Book Synchronization, choose the appropriate mail client and local folders and away you go.

Note that this is a two-way synchronization, items in your local address book will be sent up to the server. This is unavoidable.

  • SyncML

This method takes a bit more work, but is actually more flexible since you can access any Contacts folder. The process requires an SyncML external application, so you’ll need to find one based on the destination.