MDaemon crashing when RDP session connects

Over the years I’ve heard the odd complaint that MDaemon will crash when a RDP (remote desktop / TSE) session connects.

I’ve never reproduced this in the lab, so I can’t confirm the fix, but I’ve heard a rumour that Microsoft KB article 914048 solves the problem.

Please post in the comments if you have this problem and whether or not the fix works?

Can’t change primary domain

Notice that your primary domain field is disabled and you can’t change it? Well, you just bumped into one of the few limitations of a “configuration session” (formerly known as a “ghost” session)

To change the primary domain, close the MDaemon console, open the Windows “Services” management interface (start –> run –> “services.msc”) and stop MDaemon, then launch “MDaemon.exe” from the \MDaemon\App\ directory manually. Note that you must not use the “Start MDaemon” option in the start menu here, that option will restart the service.

Once MDaemon starts, you can change the primary domain, then shut down MDaemon, return to the Windows “Services” management interface and restart MDaemon from there.