MDAV users – Upgrade to SecurityPlus immediately

Just a quick reminder in case anyone missed it, or you’re like me and like waiting until a deadline so that you always look busy…

Alt-N Technologies’ partner, Kaspersky Lab, has recently announced that it is making a change to its virus signature updating process. Consequently, customers using MDaemon Anti-Virus (MDAV) and SecurityPlus will need to update their software to the recently released Security Plus for MDaemon version 4.

This change will need to be made prior to December 31, 2008 to ensure uninterupted continue protection of your MDaemon Server’s antivirus.

Update Antivirus definitions when MDaemon starts

If you want to have MDaemon automatically update your SecurityPlus (or MDAV) virus definitions automatically when MDaemon starts up, it’s actually very simple to do.

Open notepad, edit the C:\MDaemon\App\startup.bat file.  If it doesn’t exist, create it.

Add the line “echo. > C:\MDaemon\app\updateav.sem” to the file (I’d suggest adding it to the very top or very bottom)

That’s it!  From now on, MDaemon will perform an antivirus update shortly after restarting.  You can’t get much easier then that.