MDaemon Toolbar Fix

Every once in a while MDaemon’s toolbars will disappear, or refuse to save their positions.  This happens more with older versions of MDaemon, but it can still ocassionally crop up.  Luckily, the fix is simple:

1) Shut MDaemon down

2) Open up the Registry Editor

3) Export out this key and all keys under it

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alt-N Technologies\MDaemon\Toolbars]

4) Delete the entire Key once it has been exported

5) Restart MDaemon, go to the Windows menu and choose “Reset Toolbars”, this will create a new set of keys with the toolbars in their default positions.

6) Shut down MDaemon again using one of the controls within MDaemon’s GUI to ensure that MDaemon saves the registry entries.

Forgot your MDaemon GUI lock password?

This is an easy one, but it comes up just often enough to be worth the post.

You can “lock” the MDaemon console by using the option available in the right click menu of MDaemon’s tray icon. Once locked, you cannot access any of MDaemon’s controls without entering the password.

So what happens if you lost the password?

Shut down MDaemon (services.msc –> Stop the service, or create a “Exitnow.sem” file in the \MDaemon\App\ directory), then go to the [Special] section of MDaemon.INI, delete the LockPassword= line entirely.

Doesn’t this totally defeat the purpose of the password? — Well, not really. MDaemon is only as secure as the operating system running it, if an attacker is already logged in with administrative access, and can read/write anywhere on the drive they desire, they’ve already won.